Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does AliDeck Warp?

    No, it’s completely made from Aluminium and so does not expand or contract anywhere near the same as composite or timber decking.

  • Is it quick to install?

    Yes, with the Supa Joist it is 50% quicker to install than any other deck.

  • Does it require maintenance like timber decking?

    No, it is powder-coated and is not porous and does not expand or contract like timber. The expected lifespan of AliDeck products is 60 years.

  • Can I recycle it?

    Yes, it is 100% recyclable.

  • Does it get hot in direct sunlight?

    As the system is aluminium it dissipates heat quicker than timber and composite decking.

  • Can you cut the Decking?

    Yes, Aluminium decking can easily be cut to the shape or length required.

  • Is it easy to install AliDeck?

    Yes, watch our video below, to see just how easy it is.