With Flow Cladding Boards & Extended Flow Cladding Gutters

Edge drainage is an available solution when the balconies projection does not exceed 2.5 meters according to both NHBC standards and BS8579:2020, and AliDeck have a compliant solution for these balconies.

In order to satisfy your warranty and insurance providers drainage requirements for balconies, terraces and walkways, contact us today for project specific calculations.

How to achieve compliance with BS8579 when using edge drainage

  • Video demonstration: Water drains between decking board gaps (3-6mm), which is then collected on soffit drainage boards, and flows to through gutter and out via the edge of the gutter.

As the name implies, in the edge drainage scenario water is collected and directed to an edge where it is thrown clear of the building. Balconies and terraces which project no more than 2.5m from the face of the building may be drained over a perimeter edge into open space provided the run-off does not cause damage or staining to surfaces below, or damage or erosion to landscaping, or nuisance to people using or visiting the building.

Flow Cladding Board & Extended Flow Cladding Gutter

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