Meet The AliDeck Team

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Mark Wood

Mark is our CEO and Founder. With decades of experience in construction and aluminium extrusion, Mark is a serial entrepreneur and is truly passionate about delivering solutions to industry.

Richard Izzard

Richard is our Managing Director. A mechanical engineer by trade, Richard has years of technical experience under his belt and is our resident expert on all aspects of project design and development.

Kizzy Townsend

Kizzy is our Sales Director. Kizzy plays a crucial role in the success of the AliDeck sales department, developing relationships with clients, overseeing the sales team and maximising new opportunities. 

Paul Townsend

Paul is our Head of Sales. A professional sales manager of many years standing, Paul is an industry expert and brings to bear his deep technical knowledge to our clients’ major developments around the UK.

Neil Windas

Neil is our Technical Sales Manager. Neil has over 15 years experience in managing the technical sales cycle of major projects within the South East and has a wealth of knowledge of the construction market.

Hattie Bourton

Hattie is our Senior Sales Estimator. Hattie has extensive technical knowledge of the AliDeck range and is expert at specifying products to suit project requirements.

AliDeck Meet The Team
Aidan Wilson

Aidan is our Technical Sales Manager for the North. Based in Leeds, Aidan has a deep background in construction and developing new business tailored to the clients’ requirements.

Mike Beckett

Mike is our Business Development Executive. Mike has a diverse professional background across many different industries and a proven track record in uniting stakeholders and clients to drive a business forward.

Amiee Waring AliDeck Meet The Team
Amiee Waring

Amiee is our Business Development Executive. Amiee is responsible for retaining and converting high-level relationships to create long-term value for our business and customers.

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Scarlett Tasker

Scarlett is our Technical Sales Assistant. Scarlett plays an important role in the sales and order process, assisting in several aspects including producing detailed estimates, with her technical knowledge ensuring accuracy.

Steve Cole

Steve is our Head of Marketing. Joining us after more than a decade in the creative and marketing industries, Steve leads our marketing team with a passionate focus on creating compelling narratives that tell the AliDeck story.

James Wills

James is our 3D/CGI Artist and Animator. Self-taught with years of hobby modelling experience, James brings our products to life with professional product renderings and animations.

Libby Wood

Libby is our Digital Marketing Assistant. Libby is responsible for managing the development of our website, running our social media, and is our in-house digital design and photography guru.

AliDeck Meet The Team
Macey Smith

Macey is our Creative Marketing Assistant. Joining us from the fashion and performing arts world, Macey is responsible for developing our promotional videos and moving our brand campaigns forward.

Maz Scutts

Maz is our Operations and Transport Manager. Using her years of experience in practical operations management, Maz ensures that all post-sales steps are achieved on time and to plan.

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Ellie Evans

Ellie is our Operations Assistant. Ellie is responsible for working with the production, factory and warehouse departments to help ensure the smooth running of our whole workflow.

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Jakob Meppem

Jakob is our Stock Manager. Jakob is responsible for the control of our supply of stock material, an integral part of the AliDeck business that Jakob’s analytical and detail-focused mindset is tailor-made for.

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Aidan Ford

Aidan is our Apprentice Project Manager. Aidan is based in operations and plays an important role in the fulfilment of project orders, as well as supporting the broader department workload.

Dan Dean

Dan is our Warehouse Manager. Benefitting from a background in logistics and stock control, Dan takes care of inbound stock, bespoke production, project despatch, and health and safety.

Roger Wood

Roger is our Machine Manager. An expert in manufacture and fabrication, Roger is responsible for overseeing machining and production workflow and handles bespoke samples manufacture.

AliDeck Aluminium Metal Decking Staff Images
Wayne Edwards

Wayne is our Production Manager. Wayne’s many years of experience in manufacturing, quality control, and coatings processes have armed him with the skills and knowledge required to flawlessly run major manufacturing operations.

Semone O’Shaugnnessy AliDeck Meet The Team
Semone O’Shaugnnessy

Semone is our Office Manager. Semone is our internal systems expert and is responsible for devising and developing our departmental and HR processes as well as looking after our estate and plant.

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Katy Lusty

Katy is our Credit Controller. With over 20 years experience in various different industries, Katy is responsible for managing our finance functions and is responsible for payments, allocation and all account queries.

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Shyam Kumar

Shyam is our CAD Designer. A qualified Tool Engineer, Shyam has many years experience in tooling, manufacturing, and fabrication design and is our resident CAD expert.