100% Committed to Our Environment

  • Our Recycled Aluminium Decking products will naturally be more environmentally friendly than other decking products like timber and composite.

Alideck will last a lot longer than timber or composite, reducing the need to be replaced as often, there is also no need to maintain the surface of Alideck, unlike Wooden Decking for example. Wooden decking is often treated with environmentally harmful chemicals that are used as a preservative, or as a method of applying an anti-slip coating.

Some people of course do not use any chemicals to preserve their wooden decking, but in those cases it is often seen that the decking surface and subframe is replaced more often due to natural weathering, which will not be the case for AliDeck. Composite decking has become popular in the past, but is not generally recyclable due to its composite make up of wood, plastic and additives.