AliClad Non-Combustible Aluminium Balcony Soffit Cladding for a fully compliant balcony underside solution, manufactured in the UK

The AliClad System is a range of innovative balcony soffit cladding solutions developed by the makers of the AliDeck range of non-combustible aluminium decking and soffit cladding systems, the UK’s leading balcony metal flooring provider. The various AliClad cladding options have been designed to deliver cost-effective, off-the-shelf modern soffit cladding systems for steel bolt-on or slide-on balconies that project from the building facade. These options have been designed to provide clean and striking aesthetics, as well as practical functionality, such as wastewater management or creating an imperforate layer to limit fire spread.

The Full Range of the AliClad Balcony Soffit Cladding Systems for Project Success

Hassle-free soffit specification with AliClad

There is no longer a need for bespoke design or labour-intensive fabrication. Made up of extruded aluminium components, AliClad is a modular system that provides versatility and choice to architects, designers, and balcony manufacturers as well as simple and quick installation. Fire-rated to A2-s1, d0, AliClad is compliant with the new fire performance requirements for external wall systems in Approved Document B. These crucial safety features aside, our 30-year warranty and 60-year expected lifespan provides our customers with the peace-of-mind they require.

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AliDeck Project Success Built In Steel Fabricators

The AliClad Balcony Soffit Cladding System has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of balcony manufacturers, steel fabricators, main contractors, architects, specifiers, and more. Our approach to working with our customers is based around the principle of achieving project success on balcony projects and we have developed both our products and the way we provide our service to facilitate this. From the first point of contact through to delivery of material and beyond, the AliDeck team is committed to doing all that we can to guarantee the right outcome for your project.