AliDeck CPD Learning

AliDeck is committed to doing all that we can to ensure the safe and compliant use of our range of balcony component systems in order to achieve best outcomes in balcony, terrace, and walkway applications.

We have developed our AliDeck, AliClad, AliRail, and AliPave ranges to solve the challenges that architects, designers, developers, and fabricators meet in their work. While the practical challenges that our products resolve are often simple to quickly understand (for example, how our large spanning decking boards reduce the requirement for underside steel framework support), there is a dizzying array of less tangible issues that must be taken into consideration, not least to mention the regulatory and legislation concerns that surround balcony design.

Accordingly, AliDeck has developed a suite of tailored, relevant CPD Learning that can help architects, specifiers, and others not only understand the specific issues surrounding the design and construction of balconies, terraces, and walkways, but also how and why AliDeck products meet and resolve these challenges.