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AliDeck Fire-Rated Aluminium Decking Systems

Decking Systems

Aluminium Decking Boards, Drainage, Pedestals, Joists and Accessories for Safety, Durability and Aesthetics

Developed through decades of experience in aluminium extrusion, the AliDeck range is fully compliant with recent fire legislation changes, fully tested and certified for wear and slip resistance, and comes with a 30-year product warranty.

AliDeck Uses

AliDeck is the peace-of-mind solution for all non-combustible decking projects for balconies, terraces and walkways.

Ideal for new build or the retrofit and replacement market, AliDeck is the perfect choice for non-combustible decking.

For excellent spanning capabilities and quick-fit installation, AliDeck decking boards can be installed up to 50% faster than other decking products, saving time and money.

  • We support balcony manufacturers and steel fabricators to ensure your balcony balustrade projects are successful, every time!

  • Click images to learn more about how our AliDeck fire-rated aluminium decking products can be used to support your project success.

The AliDeck Story

As part of the Milwood Group, AliDeck’s founders have decades of experience in manufacturing, supplying and installing aluminium outdoor living products. Here’s the story of how they developed and took to market the most innovative and complete aluminium decking system in the UK.

AliDeck aluminium metal decking is part of the Milwood Group

The Solution To Composite Decking

“When installing canopies and verandas for schools and local authority establishments, a common issue that we heard from our customers was that their third-party supplied composite decking and PVC canopies often quickly broke down or developed problems relating to the expansion and contraction of the plastic-based materials. While our aluminium decking products solved the issue when we replaced their PVC structures, the faults would soon redevelop in any new composite decking they had installed alongside it. It quickly became clear that using aluminium for the decking would provide a completely stable package for our clients, so we set to work developing a solution.

Aluminium Decking Boards

AliDeck aluminium metal decking slip-resistant Class B decking board

Our first aluminium decking product was our anti-slip Class B Board. This board was designed with rubber inserts in order to provide an unrivalled level of slip resistance performance, a crucial safety factor considering its intended deployment to schools and public areas as well as domestic settings. Launched with the AliDeck Supa Joist, our first complete aluminium decking system was warmly received by our clients and saw healthy sales and many installations.

We then developed a more cost-effective 100% aluminium decking board, our Interlocking Board, forgoing the rubber inserts which added to the production and install cost of the Class B board. Designed for compatibility with the Supa Joist, the Interlocking aluminium decking Board delivered a seamless finish, with concealed fixings as did the Class B Board, and allowed for a very fast rapid installation. This board proved highly popular and made a big impact in the market, so much so that we were approached by a steel balcony fabricator who wanted to use the aluminium decking boards on their steel balconies. We submitted the board for fire-resistance testing to ensure that it met the specification of their customers and were delighted to receive an A-rating for fire-safety (A2-s1, d0 & A2fl-s1), satisfying requirements.

AliDeck aluminium metal decking A-Rated Standard Interlocking Board

A New Approach To Deck Boards

With the Interlocking aluminium decking Board providing a sealed surface, with no gaps between the deck boards, the question of drainage was raised by our steel balcony decking fabricators.

Our in-house Research & Development team went back to the drawing board and soon came up with a proposal for a whole new approach to aluminium decking boards, utilising smart profile design to introduce a gap between each board once installed for positive drainage.

Quick Install

Another novel feature was the quick-fit through-the-board fixing method, hidden by a clip-in cover running the length of each of the deck boards. This simple but ingenious idea removed the need for fiddly fixings between each aluminium decking board or using awkward fixing clips and really sped up install process.

The new AliDeck System was launched with 30mm and 20mm boards and a range of joists and pedestals, allowing incredible flexibility for various build-up heights and projects.

This innovative new range of balcony decking was a hit with balconies fabricators across the UK and the rest, as they say, is history!”

– Richard Izzard, AliDeck Managing Director.

  • With our unique system, you save at least 50% installation time on the underside and that’s before you even get to the easy to install aluminium decking!

The AliDeck System

The AliDeck System of aluminium metal aluminium decking is a comprehensive family of decking products, including boards, joists, pedestals and accessories, and has been designed from the ground up to provide the most complete solution for all balcony flooring, balcony areas, balcony decking, terrace, commercial walkways, commercial properties, and garden decking projects on all types of buildings.

Please follow the below links to find out more about each element of the AliDeck System, or continue down this page to learn more about the AliDeck approach to safety, ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, life expectancy and much more.

AliDeck Aluminium Metal Decking and Fire Safety

Following the Grenfell Tragedy, it became imperative that fire-safe regulations with regards to building materials were updated to prevent such a dreadful incident from occurring again.

The UK Government banned the use of combustible materials on new or refurbished high-rise residential homes in December 2018 and subsequently issued an Advice Note to clarify the impact of these new regulations on balconies. In March 2020, The Fire Safety Bill began its journey towards legislation with its First Reading in Parliament.

The AliDeck System has been fully tested for fire safety and has achieved Euroclass ratings of A2-s1, d0 and A2fl-s1, confirming that AliDeck aluminium decking boards, joists, pedestals and accessories are non combustible materials and meet latest requirements for use in new-build and refurbishment projects.

Fire rated AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking for Compliant Balconies, terraces and walkways
Rating Combustibility
A1 Non-combustible/No contribution to fire
A2 Non-combustible/No contribution to fire
B Very limited contribution to fire
C Limited contribution to fire
D Acceptable contribution to fire
E Acceptable contribution to fire
F No performance requirements
Rating Smoke Emission
S1 Smoke emission absent or weak
S2 Smoke emission of average intensity
S3 Smoke emission of high intensity
Rating Flaming Droplets
D0 No dripping
D1 Slow dripping
D2 High dripping
Are AliDeck aluminium decking products fire resistant?2024-01-02T11:22:05+00:00

Yes. All elements* of the AliDeck System have been fire tested for fire safety and are Euroclass A-rated, achieving A2,s1-do and A2fl-s1 certification.

What do Euroclass classifications mean?2022-06-09T12:29:26+01:00

The Euroclass ratings have several elements which each indicate a performance rating. The first element regards combustibility and is fire rated from A to F, with A representing non combustible materials.

The second element relates to smoke emission level and is rated 1 to 3, with 1 indicating smoke emission as weak or absent.

The third element relates to the production of flaming droplets and is rated 0 to 2, with 0 indicating no droplets produced.

Finally, the inclusion of “fl” indicates that the products have been specifically tested for flooring applications.

Are AliDeck decking products compliant with fire regulations?2020-04-27T08:39:54+01:00

Yes. All AliDeck A-rated boards, joists, pedestals and accessories are fully compliant with all fire-safety legislation, meeting and exceeding all recent updates.

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