AliDeck Decking Board Testing Wear Resistance Data and Results

AliDeck is committed to manufacturing balcony component system that are compliant with regulations and are safe to use. As part of our commitment to deliver excellent aluminium decking products, we are proud to be able to supply to our customers a wide range of physical testing data to provide total peace-of-mind.

AliDeck have performed Wear Resistance testing on our whole range of aluminium decking boards. Utilising a mechanical foot instrument, independent “Accelerated Wear” testing was conducted that simulated 100,000 footfalls with visual observations as to any wear noted at regular intervals. Additionally, a “Chair Leg” test was also conducted, where a mass was applied and dragged across the surface, simulating somebody sliding a laden chair across the decking.

With 100,000 footfalls simulated by a Standard Shoe machine apparatus and with observations made at every 25,000 footfalls, no wear of the AliDeck board surface was recorded at all and only “Very Slight” sole marking was observed after 100,000 footfalls. For reference, 100,000 footfalls are the equivalent of a person taking 10 steps on their balcony every day for 27 years.

AliDeck boards were submitted to the “Chair Leg” Wear Test, recording no effect other than “Very Slight” transfer of brass with 70KG and 100KG masses applied and dragged across the board surface.