The AliDeck Aluminium Decking Story

AliDeck is a UK company that is part of the Milwood Group, aluminium extrusion specialists that have been in the industry for over 25 years. We launched our first patented aluminium decking system in 2016 and have since developed and expanded our range of aluminium metal decking due to popular demand.

We are well equipped to supply in bulk and keep over 100 dies and profiles in stock ready to dispatch on demand. This includes our full range of aluminium metal decking boards, deck platforms, aluminium planters, stair profiles and subframe systems.

We continually improve our systems and products to make sure we offer the best service and decking systems available in the UK. Our customer-focused ethos is what drives us to be the very best to ensure you come back to us time and time again.

We have offices and warehouses across the UK in Essex, Kent and Leicestershire and employ over 50 staff, many of whom have been with the group for over 10 years. The AliDeck Head Office is located in Rochester in Kent and our distribution warehouse is based in Leicestershire in the centre of England for prompt delivery timescales. We offer free installation training for our customers, please click here to find out more: aluminium decking installation training.

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Why Choose AliDeck?


AliDeck’s aluminium metal decking solutions enable you to install non-combustible, fire-resistant decking platforms in record time. Our diverse product range ensures we have a solution for every requirement, moving you away from traditional timber or composite decking, over to aluminium decking with life expectancies of over 50 years.

Traditional decking solutions typically require a joist at 400mm centres but one of the many benefits of the AliDeck system, when combined with the AliDeck Joists, is that you will only require a joist at a distance of up to 2 metres (depending on the required loadings) when using our AliDeck XL Board, resulting in a super-fast installation with minimal fuss.

  • Our unique aluminium decking system saves you at least 50% on the installation times and that’s before you start on the easy to install decking boards.

AliDeck’s Standard Colour Range

One of the most important services we provide to our potential customers is the help we give them in understanding all aspects of our products.

There’s nothing better for understanding, though, than hands on experience, and we’re delighted to provide that with our sample packs.

The AliDeck Standard Colour range was recently expanded to 10 popular colours. We produced a really handy colour swatch to help our customers make the right choice but have now also produced sample boxes containing decking samples of our whole colour range. These sample packs deliver the most realistic representation of the AliDeck colour range possible.

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AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Decking Standard Colours Swatch

To compliment our existing Textured Sand and Textured Silver Grey, we now offer the following RAL colours as standard:

  • Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)

  • Grey Beige (RAL 1019)
  • Stone Grey (RAL 7030)

  • Quartz Grey (RAL 7039)

  • Clay Brown (RAL 8003)

  • Sepia Brown (RAL 8014)

  • Beige Grey (RAL 7006)

  • Jet Black (RAL 9005)
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AliDeck Boards

Senior Balcony Board:

The AliDeck Senior Balcony Board is our premium non-combustible aluminium balcony decking product, with excellent spanning capabilities and fully tested for Fire, Slip, and Wear Resistance.

Read About AliDeck’s Senior Board

Junior Balcony Board:

The AliDeck Junior Balcony Board is our non-combustible low-profile aluminium balcony decking product, offering excellent span but only 20mm board depth and fully tested for Fire, Slip, and Wear Resistance.

Read About AliDeck’s Junior Board

Lite Balcony Board:

The AliDeck Lite Board has been specifically designed to be an entry level system that is perfect for the retrofit or replacement market and can be used with all of our support systems and gutter systems if required.

Read About AliDeck’s Lite Board

Interlocking Board:

The AliDeck Standard Interlocking Board is our original non-combustible aluminium balcony decking product, offering a seamless deck and fully tested for Fire, Slip, and Wear Resistance.

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AliDeck Joists

Supa Joist:

The AliDeck Supa Joist is our heavy-duty option, designed to act as both a support post and a large-spanning joist. Compatible with all AliDeck decking boards and fully compliant with fire regulations.

Read About AliDeck’s Supa Joist

Low Joist:

The AliDeck Low Joist is our low-profile joist option, designed to act as both a support post and a large-spanning joist. Compatible with all AliDeck decking boards and fully compliant with fire regulations.

Read About AliDeck’s Low Joist

Lite Joist:

The AliDeck Lite Joist is our low-profile, cost-effective joist option, designed specifically for the retrofit and replacement market. Compatible with all AliDeck decking boards and fully compliant with fire regulations.

Read About AliDeck’s Lite Joist

Triple Bolt Channel:

The AliDeck Triple Bolt Channel is our clever fixing solution to avoid the need to drill the balcony steel frame for each decking board. Designed for the AliDeck Senior and Junior Decking Boards.

Read About AliDeck’s Triple Bolt Channel

AliDeck Pedestals

Adjustable Pedestal:

The AliDeck Adjustable Pedestal is our innovative joist support pedestal, offering a large range of height adjustments to ensure level and robust decking installation.

Read About AliDeck’s Adjustable Pedestal

Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestals:

The AliDeck Multi-Directional adjustable pedestal is a product, specifically designed for installations where you need a multi-directional foot position due to a fall 2 or more ways in the floor.

Read About AliDeck’s Multi-Directional Pedestal

Adjustable Pedestal Bracket:

The AliDeck Adjustable Pedestal Bracket is compatible with all of our joists. Available in 3 distinct sizes, a wide array of build-up heights can be easily achieved.

Read About AliDeck’s Adjustable Pedestal Brackets

AliDeck Accessories

Balcony Drainage System:

The AliDeck Balcony Drainage System is a positively drained solution for balconies, designed to effectively capture and channel rainwater and spillages to reduce the risk of liquids falling onto passers-by or lower balconies underneath.

Read About AliDeck’s Balcony Drainage System

AliDeck manufacture and supply a wide range of accessory products for our AliDeck range, to help our customers complete their installation to the highest possible specification.

-Nosing Profiles

-End Plates

-Starter Trims

-Fire Retardant Tape

-Touch-up Paint

-Spreader Plates

-Planter Kits

Read About AliDeck’s End Plates
Read About AliDeck’s Planters
Read About AliDeck’s Nosing Profile
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AliDeck Product Showcase

Training Academy

The AliDeck Training Academy was introduced so that our clients can attend a single day training session and walk away feeling educated and confident installing our aluminium decking systems themselves. Each attendee will receive a certificate to confirm their attendance and completion of the training.

We can train up to 6 persons at a time to ensure we thoroughly train each individual, making the training more personal and intensive. This in-depth installation training will help you and your staff become experts in our products, enabling you to install them with ease and confidence.

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Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent customer service at all points of their AliDeck experience. Whichever department within AliDeck you are dealing with, they will go out of their way to ensure that your requirements are met and exceeded.

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AliDeck aluminium decking requires minimal maintenance due to the natural corrosion resistance properties of aluminium along with the high- durability of our Qualicoat standard powder-coating finish. We provide a full maintenance schedule for instructions for maintaining AliDeck aluminium decking boards to uphold the warranty and the expected lifespan of the decking.


AliDeck provide a 30-year warranty for our entire range of products, warranting that our products will not, under normal use, split, crack, warp, splinter, rot, or twist and will be free from any material or manufacturing defects. Full terms can be found in the Warranty.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Installation Warranty
Maintenance Page
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Warehouse & Factory

Safety Testing & Certification

Slip Resistance:

AliDeck recognises that safety extends beyond simply achieving compliance with fire legislation and that all aspects of safe use of our products must be demonstrated. Accordingly, we have submitted all AliDeck decking boards to slip resistance testing.

Independently tested to BS7976 Part 2, the AliDeck System was subjected to Calibrated Certificated Portable Pendulum Instrument tests in three different directions in wet and dry conditions. All AliDeck boards were found to pose a “Low Risk” for slips in all conditions, the highest rating achievable.

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Wear Resistance:

AliDeck is passionate about producing products that are not only safe but are able to sustain decades of reliable use. As such, we have submitted all AliDeck decking boards to accelerated wear testing.

Independently tested to SATRA TM391:2016, the AliDeck System was subjected to Biomechanical Abrasion of Flooring. Materials testing. With 100,000 foofalls simulated by a Standard Shoe machine apparatus and with observations made at every 25,000 footfalls, no wear of the AliDeck board surface was recorded at all and only “Very Slight” sole marking was observed after 100,000 footfalls. Additionally, AliDeck boards were also submitted to the “Chair Leg” Wear Test, recording no effect other than “Very Slight” transfer of brass with 70KG and 100KG mass applied.

Fire Resistance:

AliDeck is dedicated to producing non-combustible, fire-resistant aluminium decking systems to ensure safety and full compliance with legislation. Independently tested to EN 13823, EN 13501 and EN ISO 1716, the AliDeck System achieves Fire Ratings of A2-s1, d0 and A2fl-s1, satisfying all fire-safety legislation and ensuring compliance for new build and renewal projects.

Following the Grenfell tragedy, there is a far greater scrutiny on fire safety in high-rise buildings. It is absolutely essential that all materials used in the external envelope are non-combustible. AliDeck’s fire resistance certification provides our customers with the peace-of-mind that they are investing in a compliant non-combustible solution.

Read About Our Fire Performance

AliDeck Safety Testing for Deflection, Slip, and Wear Explained


AliClad is our non-combustible, quick-fit, off-the-shelf balcony soffit cladding product range. Designed to provide simple solutions to balcony fabricators.

The AliClad balcony soffit cladding range is a solution-driven system. Consisting of three distinct products (Flow, Decor, and Lite), this novel approach to balcony cladding solves problems relating to drainage, aesthetics, and cost. AliClad Flow has been designed to provide a water-management system at the balcony underside.

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AliPave has been designed to provide an off-the-shelf, fully compliant paving system for steel balconies.

With easily attainable flooring options previously limited to decking boards or steel plates and grilles, steel balconies have sorely missed the aesthetic opportunities offered by porcelain and granite tiles. The AliPave system now allows the simple specification of high- end flooring options on high-rise steel balconies.

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AliRail is our non-combustible, quick-fit aluminium balcony balustrade system. Designed to provide off-the-shelf and edge protection solutions for balconies.

AliRail is our versatile balustrade system for bolt-on balconies, designed to offer multiple options for balcony handrails and edge protection. Created to deliver a lightweight and aesthetically beautiful balustrade solution, and fully compatible with AliDeck and AliClad balcony systems. With multiple options for in-fill finishing, AliRail is a modular and configurable balustrade system.

Read About AliRail