Non-Combustible Aluminium Juliet Balcony Balustrade System

The AliRail Juliet aluminium metal balustrade system is a complete solution for all balustrade and rail requirements for non-projecting balconettes. Consisting of extruded aluminium components for high strength and low weight, AliRail Juliet’s kit-form construction provides excellent versatility and a solution for all requirements.

Two Fixing Options For Versatile Installation

Four Modern Spindle Profiles To Choose From

Easy Installation Steps For Inner & Outer Mounted Options

  • AliRail Juliet Balcony Balustrade Inner-Mounted & Outer-Mounted Assembly Video: The AliRail Juliet Spindle sections will come pre-assembled as per your specific requirements. Watch the video, which demonstrates just how easy it is to assemble.

    Inner-Mounted & Outer-Mounted options are easily assembled using bolts supplied in the Juliet balcony balustrade kit.

Benefits of AliRail Juliet Balcony System

A contemporary system with Aluminium Vertical Infills available in any standard RAL Colour, with LED lighting options.

Benefits of AliRail Balcony Balustrade System
  • Modular Balustrade Systems
  • Box Spindle Size: 15mm x 50mm
  • Spindle Material: Structural Grade Aluminium 6063 T6
  • Handrail Material: Structural Grade Aluminium 6063 T6
  • Warranty: 30 Years
  • Life Expectancy: 60 years.
  • Loading capabilities: 1.5 kN/m
  • LED Lighting options into the handrail
  • Fire Rating to : A2-s1, d0 when coated
  • Available in any standard RAL Colour
Installation: AliRail Balcony Balustrade System

The AliRail Vertical Infill Spindle Balustrade System is designed for easy installation and is supplied in pre-fabricated elevations. Full installation guides are available on

Construction: AliRail Balcony Balustrade System

AliRail is constructed completely from 100% aluminium (6063 T6 grade), up to 67% of which has been recycled to make this system eco-friendly and much better for the environment.

Load Testing: AliRail Balcony Balustrade System

The AliRail Juliet System has been subjected to independent testing for load performance and achieved 1.5kn/m. Test result data is indicative only and loading performance for individual balcony designs is the responsibility of the balcony designer.

Maintenance: AliRail Balcony Balustrade System

Due to the fact that AliRail is aluminium and finished using the 7 stage Qualicoat pre-treatment system, little or no maintenance is required. General grime can be removed simply with a damp, lint free cloth or mop with warm soapy water.

Protective Finish: AliRail Balcony Balustrade System

AliRail is coloured using the Qualicoat powder coating finish. Qualicoat is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications.

Warranty: AliRail Balcony Balustrade System

AliRail is supplied with a 30 year warranty against splitting, cracking, warping, splintering, rotting, twisting and material or manufacturing defects. It has a minimum 60 year life expectancy.

Colour Options: AliRail Balcony Balustrade System

AliRail Systems are available in any RAL colour. Please refer to our Standard Colour Range spec sheet for standard colour options available at

Bespoke colours are available upon request but may affect cost and lead-time.

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