AliDeck Decking Board Slip Resistance Testing Data and Results

AliDeck is committed to manufacturing products that are in compliance with and exceed all relevant safety legislation. This is part of our ongoing drive to deliver excellent aluminium decking products to the market and to ensure absolute peace of mind for all of our clients and trade partners.

Accordingly, AliDeck have performed Slip Resistance testing on our whole range of aluminium decking boards. Utilising a calibrated certificated portable Pendulum instrument, testing was conducted in accordance with BS7976 part 2 in both wet and dry conditions. With a total of eight measurements being made in three different directions, all AliDeck decking boards were found to pose a “Low Risk” for slips in all conditions.

Slip Resistance Test Data Result Score Table where AliDeck achieved Low Slip Risk rating

How the result is calculated

Discounting the first three Pendulum swings, a mean figure was calculated from the final 5 swings in each direction and wet and dry conditions to give a final score out of 100, with 100 being the highest possible score*. Slip Risk ratings were then awarded according to the adjacent table.

A score of less than 25 represents a High Slip Risk, 25-35 represents a Moderate Slip Risk, and a score greater than 35 represents a Low Slip Risk. All AliDeck decking boards scored greater than 35 in all conditions, earning Low Slip Risk rating.

Detailed Slip Resistance test result data for each board is found in the following tables:

Senior & Junior Balcony Board (Standard Sand & Grey)

AliDeck Senior and Junior Decking Board Slip Resistance Test Result Data

Senior & Junior Balcony FLAT Board (Standard Sand & Grey)

AliDeck Senior and Junior Flat Decking Board Slip Test Result Data

Standard Interlocking Board (Standard Sand & Grey)

AliDeck Standard Interlocking Decking Board Slip Test Results

Further information on the performed Slip Resistance testing results is available in Slip Resistance Data Sheets from the testing organisation, Advance Group, on our technical downloads page:

*Please note that the testing software will only record a maximum score of 100, when the pendulum is stopped (due to maximum friction) 100 is the given score that can be achieved with the measuring instrument used.