Alideck Junior Balcony Aluminium Decking

The Junior Balcony Decking Board is a cost-effective version of the standard Balcony Decking Board. It has all the same product features including quick installation times, a fully aluminium construction, fire resistance and the 10-year warranty, yet it has a slightly smaller depth and allowable span.

These aluminium decking boards are treated with a special powder coating process which colours the boards in a choice of two standard colours – other colours are available upon request. This finish along with the aluminium construction gives the boards a fire resistance of A2-s1, d0 which means it has no contribution to fire.

Fire Resistant Aluminium Decking for Balconies

  • Dimensions:
    Length: 4 metres & 6 metres | Width: 120mm | Depth: 20mm
    Maximum Overall Decking Area: Unlimited
    Allowable Span: 495mm on 4kN load

  • The Junior Balcony Decking Boards are completely constructed from aluminium, therefore making them a fully fire-resistant decking solution. These aluminium decking boards are treated with a durable powder coating to add colour to the boards and gives them a fire rating of A2-s1, d0 which is the second-best possible fire rating and conforms to the government requirements for materials used on the exterior of high-rise buildings.

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Fire Resistance
The boards are manufactured completely from aluminium and are therefore fire resistant and non-combustible to A2 – s1, d0.

Speed and ease of installation are key to any project, so we have designed a board that has a unique invisible (structural) top clip system which can be installed from the top down. The board can also be trimmed down the length to match any projection of balcony and still be structurally stable across the whole plank.

The Alideck Aluminium decking boards are 50% quicker to install compared to other decking systems on the market. These boards are fixed from the top down so requires no fancy, fiddly fixings. It can also span 495mm between joists on a 4KN loading.

They can also be spaced to allow for varying drainage requirements (unlike any other system).

Aesthetics are key to a great finish; our boards are designed to look like decking but not to feel like aluminium.

Colour Options
The decking boards are available in two colours; textured silver grey and textured sand. Other colours are available on request.

Individual Boards:
Length: 4 metres & 6 metres
Width: 120mm
Depth: 20mm

The boards can be cut to size along both the length and width

Maximum Overall Decking Area: Unlimited
Allowable Span: 495mm on 4kN load

The boards are constructed completely from 100% aluminium (6063 T6 grade), up to 30% of which has been recycled to make these boards eco-friendly and much better for the environment.

Due to the fact that Alideck is aluminium and finished using the 5 stage Qualicoat system, little or no maintenance is required. General grime can be removed simply with a damp, lint free cloth or mop with warm soapy water.

Protective Finish
The planks are coloured using the Qualicoat powder coating finish. Qualicoat is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications.

The decking is supplied with a 30 year warranty against splitting, cracking, warping, splintering, rotting, twisting and material or manufacturing defects. It has a minimum 60 year life expectancy.

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