AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Decking Accessories for a complete deck solution, manufactured in the UK

The AliDeck System is a range of non-combustible aluminium decking systems, from the UK’s leading balcony metal flooring provider.

The various AliDeck decking options have been designed to deliver cost-effective, off-the-shelf complete deck systems for steel bolt-on or slide-on balconies that project from the building façade as well as concrete inset balconies, walkways and terrace areas.

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We offer a range of accessories that either extend or complement the functionality of the decking board system or create aesthetic finishing details. From End Plates that cover the board ends, to Spreader Plates that proctect waterproof membranes, to Planter Kits, and more, AliDeck has got it covered.

Fire-rated to A2-s1, d0, AliDeck is compliant with the new fire performance requirements for external wall systems in Approved Document B. These crucial safety features aside, our 30-year warranty and 60-year expected lifespan provides our customers with the peace-of-mind they require.

To find out more about the AliDeck Aluminium Decking System, please read on or call the team on 01622 235 672.

The Full Range of the AliDeck Accessories for Project Success

The AliDeck Aluminium Decking System has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of balcony manufacturers, steel fabricators, main contractors, architects, specifiers, and more. Our approach to working with our customers is based around the principle of achieving project success on balcony projects and we have developed both our products and the way we provide our service to facilitate this.

From the first point of contact through to delivery of material and beyond, the AliDeck team is committed to doing all that we can to guarantee the right outcome for your project.

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