With Access Gutters & Drain channels

The AliDeck Balcony Drainage System is a positively-drained solution for balconies, designed to effectively capture and channel rainwater and spillages to reduce the risk of liquids falling onto passers-by or lower balconies underneath.

In order to satisfy your warranty and insurance providers drainage requirements for balconies, terraces and walkways, contact us today for project specific calculations.

Dual Gutter Option

Gutters positioned at either end of the balcony, with dual downpipes and overflows.

Flow Cladding Boards

Wrap-Around Gutter Option

Gutters wrap around three sides of the balcony, with single downpipe and overflow.

Flow Cladding Boards

With the AliDeck Drainage Channel sited between AliDeck Decking Boards, waste water is directed to the ends of the balcony where it is captured by the innovative AliDeck Drainage Guttering and fed to a downpipe or area of your choice.

This unique Balcony Drainage System is a direct result of our commitment to continually evolve and refine our range of products to always meet the needs and requirements of our customers and specifiers.

Deck-Level Piped Drainage Demonstration

  • This video demonstrates the hassle-free installation for the AliDeck Balcony Drainage System, including the various components required such as our Drainage Channels, Gutter Profiles, and Access Gutters, with a quick animation to showcase the seamless functionality.

Access Gutters & Drainage Channels

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Junior Access Gutter
Junior Wide Access Gutter for Balcony Drainage
Junior Drainage Channel for Balcony Drainage
Senior Access Gutter
Senior Wide Access Gutter for Balcony Drainage
Senior Channel for Balcony Drainage

Access gutters and drainage channels can be used with all of our decking and joist solutions!

Datasheet & CAD & DWG Files