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AliDeck Aluminium Metal Decking Installation Training

The AliDeck Training Academy was introduced so that our clients can attend a single day training session and walk away feeling educated and confident installing our aluminium decking systems themselves. Each attendee will receive a certificate to confirm their attendance and completion of the training.

If you would like to attend one of our training sessions either for yourself or with your staff, please contact us. We can train up to 6 persons at a time to ensure we thoroughly train each individual, making the training more personal and intensive. This in-depth installation training will help you and your staff become experts in our products, enabling you to install them with ease and confidence.

Installation Training

The AliDeck Training Academy is very popular and can become fully booked quickly so please contact us with the dates you have in mind and we will let you know what’s available. We advise you to book a training session before your order arrives so you can feel confident installing the aluminium decking, saving you time and money on site as you will have experience with the system.

The training session was very informative and well produced; I was expecting something more like a sit around the table and then some practical demonstrations but actually I think seeing the system and going through the videos etc with Mark was great and ultimately more engaging.

It also helped us to realise that we would need to change our plan for working on site as we’d originally intended to cut everything off-site. After talking to Mark though we realise that practically speaking we need to have an area cordoned off on site to allow for adjustments and minor cuts to fit.

Overall, it was a very worthwhile experience and I’m glad we made the time to attend.

We are overjoyed at the support from everyone at AliDeck. Thank you!

Mark Sweeney, Director, Unique Outdoor Living Group

Example Certification

Please see examples below of the certification that will be awarded upon completion of your installation training session.

AliDeck Aluminium Decking Installation Training Cards
AliDeck Aluminium Decking Installation Training Certificate

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  • 01622 235 672
  • Unit 1, Europa & Jenner, 2 Trident Cl, Rochester, Medway City Estate, ME2 4ER

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 5pm
Friday: 8.30pm – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

How can I book my session at the AliDeck Training Academy?2020-05-27T15:44:59+01:00

Call us on 01622 235 672, email us at or fill in the form on our contact us page to find out more information or to book your training session.

Are my expenses covered when attending the AliDeck Training Academy?2023-09-19T15:41:28+01:00

We are unable to cover your expenses such as travel, accommodation, and food and drink throughout the day, so it is advised that you bring a packed lunch with you. Alternatively, there is a Cafe and Newsagents nearby where you can purchase refreshments.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the AliDeck Training Academy on the day?2020-05-27T15:43:46+01:00

It is advisable for each trainee to have a notepad and a pen to hand so they can jot down notes if required. Everything else, including PPE, will be provided by AliDeck.

What is the maximum amount of trainees permitted per Training Academy session?2020-05-27T15:42:50+01:00

We currently allocate one Installation Trainer per session and therefore only train up to 6 persons in one go to ensure each trainee can gain the most from their day. If you require more than 6 employees to be trained, please contact us.

Where is the AliDeck Training Academy located?2023-09-19T15:43:29+01:00

All installation training days will be held at the AliDeck Head Office in Rochester, Kent; the full address is: Europa & Jenner House, Victory Park, 1-2 Trident Close, Medway City Estate, Rochester, ME2 4ER

How much does aluminium decking training at the AliDeck Training Academy cost?2020-05-27T15:41:42+01:00

The installation training day is free to all customers who have purchased AliDeck aluminium decking, the aim of our training academy is to train and support your staff so you can become experts in our product range.

What does training at the AliDeck Training Academy consist of?2020-05-27T15:40:53+01:00

The installation training is completed in a single day and we will take you through the installation of each of our aluminium decking systems and teach you everything you need to know about them. We will work with you and your team for as long as it takes for you to get a comprehensive understanding of the full AliDeck system.

Who is eligible for aluminium decking training at the AliDeck Training Academy?2020-05-27T15:40:05+01:00

Installation training at the AliDeck Training Academy is offered to our new and existing customers.

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