In January 2022, we moved to our new 75,000 square foot production facility and headquarters to increase our warehouse capacity!

As a result of moving to our new location in the Medway City Estate, our warehouse has been significantly increased in size. All of our products are designed and manufactured in-house, allowing us to meet the demands of our customers.

The ability to quickly service new orders has helped AliDeck become the market leader for aluminium decking and earned us a reputation for excellence in all areas.

AliDeck Aluminium Decking, Soffit Cladding and Balcony Balustrade Systems Developed and Manufactured from our headquarters in Rochester, Kent


Powder Coating

Pre Fabrication


Health & Safety


The warehouse contains a minimum of 20 rows of versatile and robust heavy-duty Cantilever racking, with additional storage locations to support additional stock for outgoing deliveries. In total we have 360 stock locations on top of our production & prefabrication facilities. In order to support our customers’ deadlines, we hold large amounts of stock in order to keep our lead times low.

We hold this stock through multiple locations across the country for easy transportation to sites across the UK & Ireland, meaning that we are capable of holding over 1500 tonnes of aluminium at any one time, and that’s before we even consider our vast range of bracketry! Following our move to our new home and the success that has come with it, we have grown our production department significantly.

Our manufacturing process is always on the move due to such a high level of stock constantly requiring a swift turnover. Starting with our highly skilled engineers and continuing until our products are ready for delivery, our manufacturing process brings a hive of activity as we despatch orders on a daily basis. We estimate that over 500 tonnes of metal easily pass through our warehouse each quarter.

We plan to increase our production lines further to support the high level of turnover, with aluminium proving its case as the future of construction due to its extreme versatility, the possibilities are endless, and we’ll be ready to offer the next solutions to your project.


We are now operating our very own automatic seven-stage pre-treatment powder-coating facility in our warehouse, a game-changing shift in the way we operate. This means that we are able to now control even more of the overall production process, ensuring that project success is built into our range.

With a 95% recovery & recycle booth, we are able to powder-coat all of our decking boards and balcony component systems to QualiCoat-equivalent standards. A powder-coat finish allows our products to be fire rated to A2-s1, d0 standards which remains well within the current regulations and British Standards.

We offer 10 colours as standard, with the option to match bespoke requests of any colour at an additional cost. We offer class 2 which brings a rougher texture to provide a grippier finish. It is worth noting, however, that our class 2 texture is not available on our balustrade systems.

Pre-Fabrication Area

Looking to save time on your installations? Our prefabrication capabilities enable us to reduce these times for you, we can assemble the necessary components together right here in our warehouse and deliver them to you premade on-site ready to go.

Other benefits to prefabrication include:

  • Consistent Quality
  • Reduced Liability
  • Less Waste on Site
  • Reduced Labour Costs

The Prefabrication team is highly skilled in what they do, so a high level of workmanship is always assured. Simply receive your delivery and get ready to install! You can discuss this option further when talking to our sales team, so that any additional costs may be included in your quotation as these are priced at a cost per cut basis for bespoke length cuts on decking boards.


Having the right equipment is crucial to running a successful warehouse operation. While aluminium may be a lightweight metal, our Rochester warehouse can hold well over 750 tonnes at any given time! It is important that our production team have the correct tools available to ensure operations run smooth and efficiently.

The warehouse is a hive of activity and our 3-tonne Combi-Lift trucks, coupled with 2.5-tonne Counterbalance Forklifts and 1.2-tonne Stacker, have revolutionised the way we operate, enhancing our ability to store long lengths of aluminium. Creating additional space opens up the possibility of a broader allowance for stock capacity as a result.

We also have a range of equipment to help us prepare the aluminium we supply, operated predominantly by our Machine Manager, Roger, who is responsible for overseeing our machining and production workflow while also handling bespoke samples manufacture.

Our cutting equipment includes:

  • CNC Machine
  • Single Blade Cutting Saw
  • Double Headed Cutting Saw
  • Guillotine

As you can see, our equipment ranges from manual tools to industrial grade hydraulic machinery. This allows each member of our team to build project success into each of our products while maintaining the demands place upon each team.

Health & Safety

Here at AliDeck, we take the health and safety of our staff, guests and warehouse seriously. We have 4 trained first aiders, and 5 trained fire marshals who take part in refreshment courses on a bi-annual basis.

We make sure our staff that operate complex equipment receive the relevant and credible training, with warehouse operatives our fully L117 operator certified for the use of our combi-Lifts and all other rider-operated lift trucks.

While our cantilever racking is built to SEMA standards to ensure we can safely store our high level of aluminium stock.

Health & Safety Equipment used on site includes:

  • High Visibility Jackets
  • Steel Toe Capped Boots
  • Wear-resistant, Chemical Gauntlet and Industrial Grade Oven Gloves
  • Eye Spectacles
  • FPP2 Valved Masks
  • Powder Coating personnel blue overalls

As you can see, our equipment ranges from manual tools to industrial grade hydraulic machinery. This allows each member of our team to build project success into each of our products while maintaining the demands place upon each team.

Take a look inside our warehouse!