New legislation begins its journey through Parliament with implications for balcony decking

The Fire Safety Bill began its journey through Parliament this week when on Thursday 18th March 2020 it received its First Reading. Whilst merely a procedural stage, First Reading of this Bill does mark an important step in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tragedy, as legislators begin to fully address the fire safety failings that led to so many deaths in Kensington in the summer of 2017.

Fire Safety Bill Receives First Reading in Parliament with implications for metal decking for balconies

The Bill contains some interestingly broad language regarding the types of property that will be covered by the legislation, suggesting that non-combustibility requirements will apply to all buildings that contain “two or more sets of domestic premises“. Clearly, this definition includes terraced and semi-detached houses which is a radical expansion from the high-rise properties that were addressed in earlier legislation changes. As the Bill progresses through Parliament, we may well see this language refined and altered but the expectation must be that the current restriction in legislation effecting properties 18 metres and higher will be extended to impact many more properties. Additionally, the Bill states that it covers “anything attached to the exterior” of walls, “including balconies“.

AliDeck is committed to delivering safe, compliant, non-combustible balcony and metal decking solutions. AliDeck Decking Boards are manufactured from 100% aluminium and are A-Rated for fire-safety. Already, AliDeck aluminium decking systems are providing peace-of-mind in new build and refurbishment/retrofit projects up and down the UK and the clear direction of travel with this new legislation is to a place where aluminium balcony decking becomes the de facto construction industry standard.

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