AliDeck Aluminium Decking Senior Board

The AliDeck Senior Balcony Decking Board is our premium non-combustible aluminium deck board. It has been designed as a quick-fit solution for easy installation, delivers excellent span of up to 1200mm to comply with BS8579:2020 (2.0kN point load with maximum allowable deflection of 5mm), has a fully aluminium construction, is fire resistant, and comes with our 30-year warranty.

AliDeck aluminium metal decking boards are treated with a special Qualicoat powder-coating process which colours the boards in a choice of our full range of AliDeck colours. This finish along with the aluminium construction gives the boards fire ratings of A2-s1, d0 and A2fl-s1 which means they are non-combustible, provide no contribution to fire, and are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and legislation.