Aluminium Decking Adjustable Pedestal Range

The AliDeck pedestal range includes the perfect accessories for your fire resistant aluminium decking project.

Our Adjustable Pedestals are made from aluminium and are non-combustible with an A1 fire rating and our brackets which can be used to install them, are also non-combustible with an A1 fire rating. We also offer flame retardant tape which is extremely popular due to its flame retardancy and high strength tack.

The AliDeck Aluminium Decking Pedestal Range

The AliDeck pedestal range consists of an aluminium adjustable pedestal, an aluminium multi-directional adjustable pedestal, an aluminium bracket (all of which are A1 fire rated and non-combustible) and fire retardant tape.

Adjustable Pedestal
AliDeck Aluminium Metal Decking Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestal
Directional Pedestal
Pedestal Brackets
Fire Retardant Tape

Combination of Pedestal types to cope with multiple build-up heights under terrace

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