Alideck Rooftop Terrace Aluminium Decking

With many professionals in the construction industry looking to source more and more non-combustible products, the Alideck range of aluminium decking boards and supports are perfect for use on rooftop terrace decking.

We have developed a complete quick fit, non-combustible system that can be adjusted to the height required to work with your buildings. Due to the spanning capabilities of the Alideck Supa-Joist you can install Rooftop terrace decking in record time, on a commercial loading of 4Kn SQM this non-combustible joist will span 1.2m between centres which is three times the spacing length of conventional composite decking subframes. Therefore resulting in a quicker installation as less joists are required.

The non-combustible, rooftop decking is structurally safe to withstand heavy loads, whereas alternative systems will require additional underside supports.

The Fastest Rooftop Terrace Decking System to Install on the Market!

  • This innovative London Underground approved (Patent applied for) aluminium rooftop terrace decking system is finished with a non-combustible coating it is fire rated to A2-s1, d0.

    Fire rating explained:

    The classification is split into 3 components.
    1. Combustibility: A2 is non-combustible.
    2. Smoke Emission – s1 is best, s3 is worst
    3. Release of droplets or particles – d0 is best, d2 is worst.

    So, as you can see the A2-s1, d0 fire rating for our rooftop terrace aluminium decking is perfect for both commercial and domestic buildings.

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