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AliDeck Service for Housing Associations and Local Authorities on Aluminium Decking Products

With new legislation introduced and recently updated to eliminate fire risk generally, and specifically in relation to external facades and balcony structures, the substitution of non-compliant materials is proving to be challenging, especially when considering alternative options and all that these impositions encompass.

The necessity for change nevertheless exists for existing housing stocks and for new-build programmes alike and it’s profoundly evident that considerable time, money and effort must be spent to achieve compliance. With all public and private sector housing stakeholders impacted by these requirements, the upheaval across the entire sector is a pressing concern for us all.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Used In Balcony Project
AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Specified For balcony Project

Continuing to be a strong talking point is a lack of funding provision for these essential modifications, so it has never been more important to offer a cost effective set of solutions that are engineered to offset the uplift in material and labour costs as required to ensure full compliance with new building regulations.

At AliDeck we have done just that with an extensive range of fully-tested, proven solutions now available, we are sure that we can offer you a set of products to meet your specific requirements in terms of cost, longevity and ease of installation. Our products are fully systemised to enable quick and easy adaptation to specific conditions, and proven to be fully compliant in respect of fire performance, slip resistance and wear. We hold large stocks of all components and logistical demands are normally satisfied within 7 to 10 days, ensuring a fluid, ongoing supply to align with your demanding refurbishment schedules. We manufacture all of our products in the UK, and arrangements can be made to ship directly to site.

AliDeck Product Technical Data and Test Certification

AliDeck is committed to providing total peace-of-mind to housing association or local authority planners specifying our range of aluminium metal decking products.

Accordingly, we have developed a full suite of detailed technical datasheets to assist you when choosing the AliDeck System. Additionally, we are delighted to publish and share the results of our extensive product testing on fire safety, slip resistance, wear resistance and our time & motion study. We are also proud to offer a 30 year manufacturer product warranty for all of our AliDeck System components.

Finally, if you have specific data requirements to support your work in specifying the AliDeck System, we are more than happy to produce and supply additional bespoke documentation on request.

AliDeck Aluminium Metal Decking Balcony Board Datasheet Thumb
Are AliDeck decking products fire resistant?2020-04-27T08:38:34+01:00

Yes. All elements* of the AliDeck System have been tested for fire safety and are Euroclass A-rated, achieving A2,s1-do and A2fl-s1 certification.

*The AliDeck Class B board is the exception and is recommended for ground-level use only.

What do Euroclass classifications mean?2020-04-27T08:39:10+01:00

The Euroclass ratings have several elements which each indicate a performance rating. The first element is regards combustibility and is rated from A to F, with A representing non-combustible materials. The second element relates to smoke emission level and is rated 1 to 3, with 1 indicating smoke emission as weak or absent. The third element relates to production of flaming droplets and is rated 0 to 2, with 0 indicating no droplets produced. Finally, the inclusion of “fl” indicates that the products have been specifically tested for flooring applications.

Are AliDeck decking products compliant with fire regulations?2020-04-27T08:39:54+01:00

Yes. All AliDeck A-rated boards, joists, pedestals and accessories are fully compliant with all fire-safety legislation, meeting and exceeding all recent updates.

Do AliDeck decking boards require repainting every few years?2020-04-27T09:01:35+01:00

No. The AliDeck boards are powder-coated with Qualicoat, a powder-coat process for aluminium in architectural applications, which has a lifespan of 30 years and beyond.

How often should I clean my AliDeck decking boards?2020-04-27T09:05:19+01:00

AliDeck recommends that all installed elements are cleaned at regular intervals, at least twice a year, to prevent build-up of dirt and substances which may cause damage or create an increased risk of slips and trips. In coastal or industrial settings, we recommend cleaning at least every three months.

What should I clean my AliDeck products with?2020-04-27T09:09:18+01:00

AliDeck recommend cleaning your decking and its structure with a solution of soapy warm water and a lint-free cloth, before throughly rinsing with clean warm water. No abrasive materials should be used. Never use bleach or similar chemicals to clean AliDeck decking products. Please refer to our installation guide for more information.

Do you have an aluminium metal decking brochure that I can download?2020-04-30T09:07:45+01:00

Yes. We have our latest brochure available for download here.

Can you send me samples of your aluminium metal decking?2020-04-30T09:09:22+01:00

Yes. You can order samples of our aluminium decking products here.

How can I find out technical details about AliDeck aluminium decking products?2020-04-30T10:48:15+01:00

AliDeck has produced in-depth technical datasheets for all of our aluminium metal decking products. Please visit our downloads page to download them.

What is the depth of AliDeck aluminium decking boards?2020-04-30T10:51:08+01:00
Is there an AliDeck metal decking product designed for retrofit projects?2020-04-30T11:04:31+01:00

All AliDeck aluminium metal decking products can be used in retrofit and replacement projects. We have also developed the AliDeck Lite Board and Lite Joist specifically for this market as a cost-effective, quick-fit, low-profile solution for timber and composite replacement projects.

In what ways can AliDeck complete and ship my aluminium metal decking order?2020-05-01T10:14:05+01:00

There are several ways that we can handle your order, as follows:

Custom Extrusion

For large orders (minimum of 350KG per extrusion) we are able to arrange for custom extrusion to the precise quantity required. These extrusions are then coated and shipped direct to customers.

Stock Lengths

We hold a stock of uncoated, mill-finish decking boards and clips in 4m and 6m lengths, and joists and gutters in 6m lengths. These are then powder-coated according to order and are shipped to customer directly from our coating facility.

Cut To Length

We can cut extrusions to length for our customers. We do this at our warehouse in Rochester, Kent, and deliver from there. This service is subject to a labour charge, which varies according to quantity.

Do you have an overview of your aluminium metal decking safety tests available?2020-05-01T15:25:33+01:00

Yes. We have produced our Certifications & Test Evidence digital booklet, which provides an overview of our fire resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance and deflection resistance testing and includes key test result data and certificates. Please visit our downloads page to access it.

Our non-combustible aluminium metal decking is the ideal replacement solution for your non-compliant, combustible timber and composite decking. With a wide range of decking boards, joists, pedestals and accessories available, the AliDeck System is highly flexible and can cope with any balcony, terrace or walkway project specification.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Is The Ideal Timber Replacement Solution

Rigorous scrutiny by UK testing facilities has confirmed full compliance with current UK and European standards for fire safety, slip resistance performance and inarguable longevity, as evidenced by the results of accelerated wear tests. All AliDeck products are backed by our 30-year manufacturer product warranty.

Fire Safety Compliance With AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Decking

Following the Grenfell Tragedy, it became imperative that fire-safety regulations with regards building materials were updated to prevent such a dreadful incident occurring again. The UK Government banned the use of combustible materials on new or refurbished high-rise homes in December 2018 and subsequently issued an Advice Note to clarify the impact of these new regulations on balconies. In March 2020, The Fire Safety Bill began its journey towards legislation with its First Reading in Parliament.

With combustible materials now requiring to be replaced, the AliDeck System  provides an off-the-shelf compliant decking solution. All AliDeck products have been fully tested for fire safety and have achieved Euroclass ratings of A2-s1, d0 and A2fl-s1, meeting the new safety requirements for use in new-build and refurbishment projects.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking for Compliant Balconies, terraces and walkways
Rating Combustibility
A1 Non-combustible/No contribution to fire
A2 Non-combustible/No contribution to fire
B Very limited contribution to fire
C Limited contribution to fire
D Acceptable contribution to fire
E Acceptable contribution to fire
F No performance requirements
Rating Smoke Emission
S1 Smoke emission absent or weak
S2 Smoke emission of average intensity
S3 Smoke emission of high intensity
Rating Flaming Droplets
D0 No dripping
D1 Slow dripping
D2 High dripping
View Fire Test Results

The AliDeck Aluminium Decking System is a compatible family of products designed to work seamlessly together in any configuration to solve your challenges

AliDeck non-combustible aluminium metal decking used for walkway in London

AliDeck have co-developed a unique family of aluminium decking products, intelligently designed to satisfy all balcony, terrace and walkway requirements, including new-build and retrofit/replacement.

Consisting of Decking Boards, Supports Joists, Adjustable Pedestals and Decking Accessories, the AliDeck System delivers all the options that a specifier needs when planning their projects.

AliDeck Aluminium Decking Boards

AliDeck manufacture a range of aluminium decking boards, each tailored to specific scenarios to offer a diverse range of options to meet your project needs.

AliDeck Aluminium Decking Boards Profile Drawings

AliDeck Aluminium Joists, Pedestals and Brackets

AliDeck manufacture a range of joists and pedestals, covering all possible concrete balcony or terrace project requirements.

AliDeck aluminium decking adjustable pedestals drawings

AliDeck Datasheets

AliDeck Senior Balcony Board Spec Sheets

AliDeck Senior Balcony Flat Board

AliDeck Junior Balcony Board Spec Sheet

AliDeck Junior Balcony Flat Board

AliDeck Standard Interlocking Board

AliDeck Lite Balcony Board

AliDeck XL Balcony Board Data Sheet_v2-1

AliDeck Adjustable Pedestal

AliDeck Multi Directional Pedestal

AliDeck Supa Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Low Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Lite Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Micro Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Nosing Profile Spec Sheet

Triple Bolt Channel Spec Sheet

Balcony Drainage System Spec Sheet

Low Profile Adjustable Brackets Spec Sheet

Fire Retardant Tape Spec Sheet

AliDeck Spreader Plate Spec Sheet

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