AliDeck Interlocking and Class B Boards provide fantastic metal deck to static caravan

Following on from our news last week of a fantastic AliDeck Lite Board installation at a static caravan in Wales, we’re delighted to share with you another stunning install of our decking system at a caravan park, and this one really is a peach!

Using a combination of our Standard Interlocking and Class B Boards, our customer has created a very striking terrace deck and raised patio around his caravan. The AliDeck Class B Board is our original aluminium decking board and provides unrivalled slip-resistance due to the rubber inserts running the length of each board.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Installed At Static Caravan For Fire and Slip Resistant Terrace Deck

While this rubber insert is B Rated for fire, and therefore precludes the use of the Class B Board at height, installations at ground level are ideal for this product. Used on the steps and main entry walkway, the AliDeck Class B Board is perfect to ensure safety and protect against slips in these high footfall areas.

The AliDeck Standard Interlocking Board is, as the name suggests, designed to interlock and provide a seamless deck surface. While this doesn’t allow for drainage between the boards in the way that our Senior, Junior, and Lite ranges do, when installed with a fall any rainwater is quickly dispersed to the board ends. The aesthetics of a seamless, gap-free surface are great when used in large terrace decks such as this.

With the final addition of inset LED lighting, this whole installation really is very visually appealing. We’re really pleased to see a combination of our products delivering both practical benefits and such a great aesthetic finish that will last for decades to come.

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