AliClad Flow Non-Combustible Aluminium Positive-Drained Balcony Soffit Cladding

AliClad is the latest innovative range of products from the makers of the AliDeck System of non-combustible aluminium decking.

AliClad has been designed to provide a quick-fit soffit cladding system for steel bolt-on or slide-on balconies and walkways and to deliver excellent aesthetics, safety and also water-management options.

Enabling off-the-shelf balcony soffit cladding specification, with AliClad there is no longer a need for bespoke folded sheet-metal or custom flat panels. With the simple components that make up the AliClad system, cost-effective soffit drainage and aesthetic solutions are quick and easy to factor in to steel balcony design, saving valuable time and labour in fabrication and removing the need for folding machines or punch tools.

Introducing AliClad Flow Soffit Cladding

AliClad Flow Water Management

AliClad Flow balcony soffit cladding is an enclosed water-management system.

AliClad Flow is a modular and configurable system, designed with steel fabricators in mind. Effectively a channel drain, AliClad Flow is comprised of three simple components;

  1. A flat, interlocking structural-grade aluminium soffit/fascia panel
  2. An aluminium starter trim
  3. An innovative aluminium soffit gutter
AliClad Flow Balcony Soffit Cladding System
AliClad Flow Balcony Soffit Cladding System
AliClad Flow Balcony Soffit Cladding System

AliClad Flow Installation Process


The soffit gutter is installed around the perimeter of the balcony framework structure using standard M8 bolts and acts as a cassette to feed the linear interlocking soffit panel aluminium extrusions into; once you have installed the gutters, simply slide the soffit extrusions into the gutter profiles along the balcony structure, fixing the final gutter onto the side once you have all the soffit panels in place.

If the vertical aspect of the AliClad System is required on the balcony fascia the starter trim can be used to secure the AliClad Flow panels in place, so simply install the starter trim and interlock the panel extrusions into it.

AliClad Flow; Designed with Steel Fabricators in mind

Speed and ease of installation are key to any project, so we have designed a soffit cladding system that has a unique interlocking board design to provide controlled water-management. The boards quickly slide into the AliClad gutter profile and deliver lightening fast installation times to balconies of any width.

The AliClad Aluminium boards, gutters and starter trims are 50% quicker to install compared to other decking systems on the market. These boards are fixed from the top down so requires no fancy, fiddly fixings. It can also span 600mm between joists on a 4kN loading.

AliClad Flow provides an edge-to-edge balcony underside to collect and direct rainwater to the gutter for controlled evacuation.

Aesthetics are key to a great finish; the AliClad System is designed for attractive and striking visual presentation.

Colour Options
The AliClad System is available in our full range of Qualicoat powder-coat colours.

All AliClad System components are compatible with the AliDeck System.

The AliClad System is constructed completely from 100% aluminium (6063 T6 grade), up to 30% of which has been recycled to make these products eco-friendly and much better for the environment.

Due to the fact that AlIClad is aluminium and finished using the 5 stage Qualicoat system, little or no maintenance is required. General grime can be removed simply with a damp, lint free cloth or mop with warm soapy water.

Protective Finish
AliClad is coloured using the Qualicoat powder coating finish. Qualicoat is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications.

AliClad is supplied with a 30 year warranty against splitting, cracking, warping, splintering, rotting, twisting and material or manufacturing defects. It has a minimum 60 year life expectancy.

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AliClad Soffit Cladding on Steel Balcony Visualisation

AliClad Flow is the ideal solution for the retrofitting soffit cladding to your steel balcony. A-Rated AliClad Flow will deliver instant compliance to your soffit cladding and resolve issues with EWS1 survey failures. AliClad Flow is a quick-fit, cost-effective solution to conceal unsightly balcony undersides and provides positive drainage to a gutter for controlled evacuation of rainwater.

AliClad Flow Soffit Cladding Solution

AliClad Flow Downloads

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