AliClad Flow Non-Combustible Aluminium Positive-Drained Balcony Soffit Cladding

AliClad is the latest innovative range of products from the makers of the AliDeck System of non-combustible aluminium decking.

AliClad has been designed to provide a quick-fit soffit cladding system for steel bolt-on or slide-on balconies and walkways and to deliver excellent aesthetics, safety and also water-management options.

Enabling off-the-shelf balcony soffit cladding specification, with AliClad there is no longer a need for bespoke folded sheet-metal or custom flat panels. With the simple components that make up the AliClad system, cost-effective soffit drainage and aesthetic solutions are quick and easy to factor in to steel balcony design, saving valuable time and labour in fabrication and removing the need for folding machines or punch tools.

Introducing AliClad Flow Soffit Cladding