Fire-resistant, slip-resistant, wear-resistant AliDeck Aluminium Decking is a safe and aesthetic choice for your walkway decking

With an ever-increasing shift towards non-combustible building materials at height following the Grenfell tragedy, the use of combustible materials in any part of a building’s specification might soon be affected by evolving legislation. The future-proofing of development plans against further fire-safety restrictions is beginning to see compliant materials specified for use in areas outside of the external façade of buildings or at low and ground levels, limiting options for developers and often precluding the use of familiar materials for walkways.

You will be delighted to hear, then, that we have the perfect off-the-shelf solution; the AliDeck System.

AliDeck, as part of the Milwood Group of aluminium extrusion specialist companies, have decades of experience in manufacturing aluminium outdoors living systems. Launching AliDeck as a standalone brand in 2019, we have continually developed our range of aluminium decking products to stay at the cutting edge of fit-for-purpose and compliant deck solutions.

The AliDeck range of products is now a fully-developed and inter-compatible aluminium decking system, and delivers the flexibility required to adapt to any walkway scenario.

To talk about your walkway decking requirements, please call the AliDeck team today on 01622 235 672 or read on for further information.

Architects and Specifiers look for compliant and future-proof options for walkway decking

As building regulations continue to evolve towards a more fire safe position, architects are increasingly looking to future-proof their designs by only specifying non-combustible materials. With aluminium decking the number one choice for balcony decking, the features