Discover How We Transformed St Bartholomew’s Hospital in Rochester, Kent, with AliDeck’s Aluminium Decking Solutions

In early 2023, AliDeck’s Junior Ridged Board in Anthracite Grey was installed as part of the conversion of the historic St Bartholomew’s Hospital into modern flats. Recently, members of the AliDeck team took some time to visit this project, which is located close to our head office and warehouse facility in Rochester, Kent.

This visit not only showcased the innovation of our products, as this project used our Junior V1 Decking Boards, but also demonstrated how they have withstood the test of time and reflected the evolution of the industry.

Historical St Bartholomew’s Hospital Transformed into Modern Flats

Founded in 1078, St Bartholomew’s Hospital is a significant historical site in Rochester. The current hospital building, constructed in 1861, required materials for its transformation into residential units that could endure heavy use while enhancing the building’s heritage. AliDeck’s aluminium decking met these needs perfectly, offering both the versatile benefits of aluminium and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Our Junior Ridged Board in Anthracite Grey was selected for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. The decking installation, completed over a year ago, has proven to be a smart choice for the high-traffic walkways of this residential conversion.

AliDeck’s aluminium decking offers numerous benefits:

  • Durability: Resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, for decades of hassle-free durability.
  • Safety: The ridged surface enhances grip, crucial for residential walkways.
  • Cost-effective: Ensures long-term savings with a high-quality finish.

The use of our products in this project merges historical preservation with modern innovation.

The aluminium decking respects the building’s 19th-century architecture while offering a contemporary solution for today’s living spaces.

The conversion of St Bartholomew’s Hospital into residential flats showcases the effectiveness of our aluminium decking solutions. Combining durability, safety, and visual appeal, the decking has revitalised a historic landmark and set a high standard for future projects.

Explore how AliDeck’s Junior Ridged Board played a pivotal role in converting the historic St Bartholomew’s Hospital into modern, safe, and durable residential flats. Discover the benefits and impact of our aluminium decking in this unique project.

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