Non-combustible, slip-resistant, fully-compliant AliDeck Aluminium Decking System for Concrete and Inset Balconies

The AliDeck System of Aluminium Decking and Balcony Components is a one-stop, off-the-shelf solution for concrete and inset balcony design. With a large range of aluminium decking boards, joists, and pedestals available, any concrete or inset balcony design can be successfully resolved. No matter the fall or build-up requirements, the range of AliDeck pedestals can easily cope with even the most extreme challenges.

The AliDeck aluminium decking system was designed with practical solutions for common balcony and terrace applications in mind. Concrete and inset balconies are increasingly featured on developments and with stringent Building Control and BS8579:2020 requirements on drainage to be satisfied, the AliDeck system provides the perfect deck package to complement the balcony structural design and ensure the successful implementation of any designed water management system. The AliDeck Spreader Plate is a simple solution to help distribute load and protect against penetration of the waterproof membrane.

Designed with constructors in mind, the AliDeck family of balcony component systems is a cost-effective solution to finish the component elements of any concrete or inset balcony package.

AliDeck, as part of the Milwood Group of aluminium extrusion specialist companies, have decades of experience in manufacturing aluminium outdoors living systems. Launching AliDeck as a standalone brand in 2019, we have continually developed our range of aluminium decking products to stay at the cutting edge of fit-for-purpose and compliant balcony deck solutions.

To talk about your concrete or inset balcony decking requirements, please call the AliDeck team today on 01622 235 672 or read on for further information.