AliDeck Aluminium Balcony Decking Angle Trims

AliDeck is dedicated to providing our customers with the broadest range of aesthetic solutions possible, to ensure that all installations can be perfectly finished.

With a range of decking boards available to meet all scenarios, it is important that however the boards have been fitted, even at sharp rake cut angles, that they are able to be neatly presented.

Accordingly, we are pleased to supply our AliDeck Angle Trims.

Finish your aluminium balcony, terrace, or walkway deck with AliDeck Angle Trim

Colour matched to your decking and available in three standard trim sizes; 25mm, 30mm and 50mm, the AliDeck Angle Trim is a simple solution for finishing the board edges. While our individual End Plates are a highly aesthetic solution for capping boards, they are incompatible with board ends that have been cut to an angle. The AliDeck Angle Trim is ideal for these situations.