AliDeck Aluminium Decking Junior Flat Board

The AliDeck Junior Balcony Decking Flat Board is a cost-effective, low-profile, non-ridged version of the standard AliDeck Senior Balcony Decking Board. It has all the same product features including quick installation times, delivers excellent span of up to 800mm to comply with BS8579:2020 (2.0kN point load with maximum allowable deflection of 5mm), has a fully aluminium construction, is fire resistant, and comes with our 30-year warranty.

These aluminium metal decking boards are treated with a special powder-coating process which colours the boards in a choice of our full range of AliDeck colours. This finish along with the aluminium construction gives the boards fire ratings of A2-s1, d0 and A2fl-s1 which means they are non-combustible and provide no contribution to fire.