The AliDeck Balcony Drainage System For A Positively-Drained Wastewater Management Solution

The AliDeck Balcony Drainage System is an NHBC & BS8579:2020 compliant piped drainage solution for balconies, designed to effectively capture and channel rainwater and spillages to reduce the risk of liquids falling onto passers-by or lower balconies underneath.

With the original AliDeck Drainage Channel sited between AliDeck Decking Boards, waste water is directed to the ends of the balcony where it is captured by the AliDeck Drainage Gutter and fed to a downpipe or area of your choice. This innovative complete Drainage System from AliDeck is a direct result of our commitment to continually evolve and refine our range of products to always meet the needs and requirements of our trade partners.

The AliDeck Balcony Drainage System is an intelligently-designed solution to solve many issues found in balcony drainage.

  • Benefits include:

    • Enables Positive Drainage for maximum compliance
    • Directs water to downpipes or designated area
    • Reduces rainwater dripping onto the people/furniture underneath
    • Reduces the risk of hot drinks spilling onto passers by underneath
    • Uses much less material than full-footprint drainage trays
    • Cost-effective compared to other positively-drained solutions
    • Available with our Senior Balcony Decking Boards and Junior Balcony Decking Boards.

The AliDeck Balcony Drainage System is a superb drainage accessory that allows water to be dispersed to a designated area, helping to avoid water dripping below the balcony onto those walking or sitting underneath.

AliDeck Balcony Drainage System

Compliant Balcony Drainage for BS8579:2020

British Standard BS8579:2020 and compliant balcony drainage

The new British Standard BS8579:2020 (guide to the design of balconies and terraces) outlines stringent requirements for achieving compliant balcony drainage. Click the button to learn more.

Compliant Drainage for BS8579:2020

Compliant Balcony Drainage for NHBC Standards 2021

The 2021 edition of NHBC Standards has significant new requirements for compliant balcony drainage, far beyond earlier editions and essential guidance for new-build designers and constructors. Click the button to learn more.

Compliant Drainage for NHBC Standards 2021
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Balcony Drainage System Technical Downloads

Balcony Drainage System Install Guide

Installation Guide

Standard Drawing

Gutter Overflow Detail

Gutter Connection Detail

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AliDeck Balcony Drainage System Installation Guide

AliDeck Datasheets

AliDeck Senior Balcony Board Spec Sheets

AliDeck Senior Balcony Flat Board

AliDeck Junior Balcony Board Spec Sheet

AliDeck Junior Balcony Flat Board

AliDeck Standard Interlocking Board

AliDeck Lite Balcony Board

AliDeck XL Balcony Board Data Sheet_v2-1

AliDeck Adjustable Pedestal

AliDeck Multi Directional Pedestal

AliDeck Supa Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Low Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Lite Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Micro Joist Spec Sheet

AliDeck Nosing Profile Spec Sheet

Triple Bolt Channel Spec Sheet

Balcony Drainage System Spec Sheet

Low Profile Adjustable Brackets Spec Sheet

Fire Retardant Tape Spec Sheet

AliDeck Spreader Plate Spec Sheet

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