AliDeck on the road to take a look at a beautiful aluminium decking install in Woolwich

The AliDeck range of aluminium decking products is fast becoming the de facto choice for non-combustible decking options for balconies. We are seeing our decking system specified into high-end, prestigious projects up and down the country, chosen for its second-to-none compliance, aesthetics, and value.

With aluminium decking flying out of our warehouse as quickly as we can stock it, it’s been a busy summer for AliDeck, with all hands on deck at AliDeck HQ to keep the machine running smoothly to meet our customers’ requirements. Even in the busiest times, though, it’s essential to make the time to get out into the real world and see the impact our products are making.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Installation in Woolwich, London

Today was one such day, as we made the short journey from Kent to Woolwich to take a look at an aluminium decking installation in progress. A real peach of a project located along the Thames, this prestigious development consists of several blocks of multiple heights and styles in a well-proportioned footprint off Woolwich High Street.

With over 1000 square metres of decking across more than 100 balconies, our 30mm Flat Senior Board, Low Joist, and Pedestal Brackets were specified for the task. Comprising 2000 4m and 6m decking boards, hundreds of joists, and thousands of pedestal brackets, there’s no doubt that this is a major project for us but it’s all in a day’s work for AliDeck as we continue to grow and make waves in the industry.

The installation is well underway now, with many balconies already completed and fresh deliveries of AliDeck product hitting the site for the remaining balconies. The installers have done a fantastic job with our project, achieving an incredibly tidy and precise install which absolutely highlights and accentuates the quality and aesthetics of the AliDeck decking boards.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Installation in Woolwich, London

Notably, when they have installed the boards, they have staggered the boards and the fixing cover clip on the balcony decks. The effect of this is twofold.

First of all, staggering the boards and clips helps to give further rigidity to the deck surface and helps to hold the boards tightly in place, aiding long-term durability and ensuring the AliDeck decking remains near zero maintenance for decades to come.

Secondly, staggering the boards and clips does a great job of softening the visual impact of the joins. The AliDeck boards are able to be butted together tightly, as aluminium is very stable at all ambient temperatures and barely expands or contracts at all, but if all of the board joins run in a line, it can become quite noticeable. Staggering the boards and clips, as you can see, really helps with this and makes for a much higher overall aesthetic in the finished deck.

AliDeck Non-Combustible Aluminium Metal Decking Installation in Woolwich, London

It’s an absolute pleasure to see our products so successfully integrate into such a stunning development, and a real boost for the whole AliDeck team. We’ll return to Woolwich as the project draws to a close to capture more photographs, including the large balcony deck area at the penthouse apartment in the main block. In the meantime, here’s a gallery of images from this brilliant project.

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