AliDeck Supplies AliRail Plate-Fix 0.74kN Aluminium Balcony Balustrade System to Westfield in Ireland, in Partnership with Extreme Balconies

At AliDeck, we deliver complete decking solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Recently, we collaborated with Extreme Balconies on the Westfield new-build project in Ireland. This project highlights our commitment to excellence and effective problem-solving in balcony construction.

The new-build project presented a unique set of challenges. The client required balcony balustrades that could withstand Ireland’s variable and often harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the balustrades needed to be easy to install and maintain, ensuring both immediate and long-term satisfaction for the client.

We supplied our AliRail Plate-Fix 0.74kN Vertical Infill balustrades to meet these requirements. These aluminium balustrades are highly durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for the Irish climate. Their A2-s1, d0 fire resistance rating ensures compliance with stringent fire safety regulations, providing added security.

We supplied AliRail Plate-Fix 0.74kN Vertical Infill balustrades to meet these requirements:

  • Durable Aluminium: Ideal for harsh climates.
  • Fire Resistance: A2-s1, d0 rating for stringent safety compliance.
  • Modular Design: Simplifies installation, reducing labour time and costs.
  • Qualicoat Seaside Standard: Ensures excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Powder-Coating Process: Seven-stage rigorous testing ensures a long-lasting, uniform finish.
  • CE Accreditation: Essential for projects in Ireland.
  • Custom Fit: Custom-sized balustrades enhance aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Load Testing: Rigorously tested to 0.74kN for industry safety standards.

The AliRail Plate-Fix system offers robust construction and high-quality materials, ensuring balconies remain safe and visually appealing for decades. Its fire-resistant properties and compliance with industry standards provide ongoing safety and peace of mind.

The installation completed at Westfield showcases AliDeck’s commitment to quality and innovation. By combining high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship, we were able to deliver a balcony solution that exceeds client expectations.

AliDeck is dedicated to providing top-tier balustrade solutions that offer long-term value and satisfaction.

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