Letchworth Steel Install AliDrain Solutions for NHBC Standards Compliance at Bellway Homes’ Whittington Way Project

AliDeck is proud to announce our participation on the soon to be completed Whittington Way project in Bishops Stortford, supplying a suite of aluminium decking, drainage, and balcony component solutions. The AliDeck Junior Flat Decking Boards, Junior Drainage Channels, and Junior Access Gutters will make up the AliDeck Balcony Drainage System for effective drainage at the Deck-Level adherent to NHBC Standards, and will be instrumental in creating durable, sustainable, and compliant outdoor spaces.

In order to satisfy your warranty and insurance providers drainage requirements for balconies, terraces, and walkways, contact us today for project specific calculations.

In collaboration with Letchworth Steel, AliDeck is poised to supply the Whittington Way site in Bishops Stortford after a competitors drainage solution failed to meet NHBC Standards, and AliDeck were all too prepared to step in and save the day. These systems are not only synonymous with quality but also designed for longevity, to ensure project success is guaranteed.

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As one of our latest initiatives in new-build developments, AliDeck is dedicated to providing top-tier, fire-safe materials, and cost-effective solutions for outdoor spaces. Our approach is set to redefine urban living, embracing safety, sustainability, and innovation.

Securing this project was significantly influenced by our comprehensive drainage reports, which ensured every balcony complied with the latest regulations. Our proficiency in this domain is a result of years of close cooperation with the NHBC Standards team, leading to a streamlined process that we have mastered. Bellway Homes has expressed profound appreciation for the efficient and seamless execution that facilitated a rapid and uncomplicated approval process.

“This is the first time we have worked with AliDeck’s positive drainage system and found Mike to be helpful with working directly with our balcony contractor as well as with the NHBC where necessary. Initially the project surveyors at NHBC were nervous about the inclusion of this product but the work done by AliDeck with NHBC Technical Standards department previously made the approval process relatively straightforward. We will continue to use this AliDeck product going forward on similar developments.”

  • Senior Technical Manager, Bellway Homes

AliDeck has strategically launched the AliDrain brand, a visionary initiative conceived to support expansive projects like Whittington Way in Bishop’s Stortford. Our foresight into the industry’s needs has led us to create solutions tailored to meet the stringent NHBC drainage requirements – a mandate for thousands of future projects.

With AliDrain, AliDeck positions itself as the prudent and reliable choice for architects and developers looking to specify aluminium drainage solutions. Our products have been successfully integrated into numerous NHBC-approved projects across the UK already, establishing our reputation for providing safe and effective drainage systems that developers can trust for their current and upcoming developments.

Our journey with Whittington Way is just the beginning. As industry regulations evolve and the demand for reliable, safe, and sustainable building materials grows, AliDeck and AliDrain will continue to lead the way, ensuring that projects not only meet but exceed NHBC requirements.

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