Comprehensive Case Study of Balcony Refurbishment Projects at Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne by NS Engineering Services

Building on the success of their well-received Macquarie Quay project in Eastbourne, detailed in a previous case study, NS Engineering Services, in collaboration with AliDeck, continues to make significant strides with multiple balcony refurbishment projects across several apartment complexes at Sovereign Harbour. Utilising key products such as the AliDeck Junior and Senior Boards, Angle Trim, and Drainage Channels, these projects are designed to enhance both the safety and aesthetics of the balconies.

This partnership leverages NS Engineering’s expertise in project execution and AliDeck’s innovative balcony components to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and design. These projects highlight our commitment to enhancing residential spaces through meticulous craftsmanship with compliant and futureproof solutions. Together, they ensure that each project across the Harbour meets the highest compliance criteria set forth by construction and safety regulations.

Malden Reach

The primary goal of the Malden Reach project is to replace ageing wooden bearers with robust steel ones, enhancing safety and longevity. This involves structural and aesthetic improvements, fundamentally upgrading the overall quality and appeal of the balconies. Building on this foundation, the project employs 6-meter planks for a pristine, uniform look, using products like the Junior Balcony Board, Angle Trim, and Junior Drainage Channel.

To date, three balconies have been completed, covering a total of 162 meters of board. There are further plans to extend these refurbishments to six additional balconies, continuing to bolster both their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Pacific Heights South & North

The Pacific Heights South & North project, focusing on the renovation of multiple high-rise buildings, is distinguished by its signature tall stacks of white balconies. These structures demand precise and durable refurbishments to enhance both durability and safety while maintaining their aesthetic integrity.

Utilising the Junior Balcony Board, Angle Trim, and Junior Drainage Channel, initial refurbishment measures have already commenced on four balconies, with plans to lay a total of 76.8 meters of boarding. Looking ahead, the scope of this project is expansive, with over 100 balconies anticipated for similar upgrades, demonstrating a robust commitment to immediately enhancing the living spaces within these complexes.

Trujillo Court

Trujillo Court represents as the next chapter in NS Engineering’s portfolio at Sovereign Harbour, focusing on modernising the distinctly styled, blue-framed balconies to enhance both their functionality and visual appeal. This newly acquired project employs Senior Ridged Board, Senior Drainage Channel, and Angle Trim to ensure top-quality refurbishments. 

So far, the progress is notable with three balconies already refurbished and approximately 230 meters of board installed. There are plans to extend these refurbishments to an additional 40-50 balconies, continuing to elevate the aesthetic and functional standards of the Trujillo Court complex.

The collaborative efforts of NS Engineering and AliDeck at Sovereign Harbour are transforming standards across the region. These projects have significantly improved safety and visual appeal while demonstrated a seamless integration of expert project management with cutting-edge materials, ensuring residents benefit from these enhancements.

Choosing AliDeck balcony components for your projects will significantly enhance both safety and aesthetics. Our innovative, cost-effective solutions are designed to deliver superior performance and visual appeal, ensuring your projects stand out while adhering to the highest standards of quality and durability.

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