High-rise balcony fire in Leeds as combustible decking ignited

Depressingly familiar scenes in Leeds this week as a fire on a balcony threatened another high-rise building.

Leeds Balcony fire

The 8th floor balcony at Granary Wharf, near Leeds train station, is suspected to have been ignited by the careless use of a BBQ. The combustible timber decking produced a terrifying wall of flame up the side of the building.

It is clearly fortunate that it was the top balcony that ignited instead of one of the lower balconies in the stack as the fire would easily have spread upwards through the timber-decked stacked balconies.

Fortunately, the fire was brought under control before it was able to spread into and across the building. It serves as a timely reminder that combustible materials on balconies always represent a grave fire risk and should be removed and replaced with non-combustible alternatives as soon as possible.

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