AliDeck Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestal

The AliDeck Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestal is our innovative non-combustible joist support pedestal, with a unique pivot head to allow adjustments in all directions. This innovation ensures the level installation of decking across areas with falls in two or more directions. Made from 100% aluminium, the Multi-directional Adjustable Pedestal is A-Rated for fire safety and makes no contribution to fire. Fully compatible with the whole AliDeck System, the Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestal is an excellent problem-solver.

Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestal Detail

AliDeck Non-combustible aluminium metal decking Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestal for balcony and terrace decking
  • Fire Rating: A1, making it a non-combustible pedestal

  • Material: 6063 T6 structural grade aluminium

  • Height Range: 70mm – 300mm

  • Base Diameter: 120mm x 120mm

  • Finish: Mill Finish

  • Biological/chemical: Resistant to moulds, algae, alkali, bitumen

  • Certified Compression: 5kN as standard (Data available on request)

  • Head Diameter: 80mm

  • Working Temperature: -50˚C – +100˚C

  • Warranty: The Multi-Directional Adjustable Pedestal is supplied with a 30 year warranty and a minimum 60 year life expectancy.


Adjustable Pedestal

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