Ali Deck Balcony Board

The Ali-Deck Balcony board has been designed specifically for balcony installations, it is 120mm wide and 30mm deep it has the following features:

  • The ability to cut it to the correct width

  • Fire Resistant – for complete peace of mind

  • Install 90% of the deck board prior to the installation of the balcony if required – once the balcony is installed you can then install the remaining boards

  • Install on to existing sub frame sections without having to drill additional holes
  • Drainage between the decking boards

Uniquely designed with 3 underside supports

Ali deck offers the ability to cut the board both sides if you only have a small gap to deal with, the board will then still be structural as it has an upright support under the correct point, we have also looked at point loadings if the board were to be cut with a “Cantilever” section on the board and increased the radius on the underside of the board to stiffen the board in the right place to cope with a good point load.

Additional Features & Benefits

Fire resistance: these deck boards are manufactured from structural grade T6 aluminium, as with all metallic materials, as the temperature increases
the strength of aluminium alloys is reduced at a rate dependent on the alloy, The structural aluminium alloys have useful maximum working temperature limits that range from 200° to 250°C. Above this temperature the strength is significantly reduced.

Pre installation: installing 90% of the deck boards prior to the installation of the balcony means you would spend less time on site if you are installing balconies.

The board is designed to be installed from the top, with a “Slotted” machined centre section, this is designed to enable us to pick up on at least one of the bolt channels in the 3 way bolt channel to alleviate the need for on-site drilling.

You can then drop the deck board into place once the balcony is installed using the bolt channels and the threads facing up and simply apply the nuts and tighten up (this should be reasonably quick to do).

Easy to install: The ability to install onto your existing sub frame section without having to drill additional holes. We have designed a 3 way extrusion, 2 up 1 down, this gives you the option to make sure a bolt can pass through the box section on the existing balcony at any point along the box section and then be secured, we then decide on the channels to slide the bolts into depending on the position of the decking in relation to the position of the box section, you need only choose one bolt channel but having 2 gives the option to never have to drill the decking.

Drainage between the boards: You have the ability to choose the space between the boards, depending on how quickly you want the water to run off you can choose between 4mm to 10mm between boards. (we recommend 6mm as standard)

The board has a cover strip on the top of the board which has a positive click leg on both sides, it’s a long leg so that any point load and downward loading is not a problem, we see this as a quick fit option that removes most of the problems associated with other composite decking products.

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