AliRail Aluminium Non-Combustible 3D Infill Balcony Balustrades

AliRail is another innovative system introduced by the makers of the AliDeck range of non-combustible aluminium decking and the AliClad range of non-combustible soffit cladding.

The AliRail System has been designed to provide cost-effective, off-the-shelf balustrade solutions for steel bolt-on or slide-on balconies and to deliver excellent aesthetics, durability, and safety.

Enabling hassle-free balustrade specification, with AliRail there is no longer a need for bespoke design. Our AliRail with 3D Twin-Skin Infill option is our contemporary solution for a modern and striking balcony balustrade design.

With highly distinctive three-dimensional external panel designs, the AliRail with 3D Twin-Skin Infill is a great option for architects and specifiers who are looking to execute cutting edge design in their balcony packages.

AliRail with 3D Twin-Skin Infill can be specified in any RAL colour of your choosing, and is also able to be paired with a brick-slip fascia option for a truly striking visual impact. Finally, LED lighting in the handrail is optionally available for a high-end finish and to create an aspirational “balcony living” specification.

Constructed from 100% aluminium, AliRail with 3D Twin-Skin Infill balustrades are fully compliant with all fire-safety and loading regulations.

AliRail Non-Combustible Aluminium Balcony Balustrade System 3D Twin Skin
AliRail Non-Combustible Aluminium Balcony Balustrade System 3D Twin Skin

AliRail with 3D Twin-Skin Infill is easy to install to your steel bolt-on or slide-on balcony, and is fully compatible with the AliDeck and AliClad systems.

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AliRail System; Designed with Steel Fabricators in mind

Speed and ease of installation are key to any project, so we have designed a balustrade system that has a unique component design to provide quick-fit installation. The handrail, posts, spindles, and other components have been designed to efficiently fit together.

The AliRail System provides multiple options for balustrade finishing, including; aluminium infill panels; glass infill panels; spindles; and 3D twin-skin infill panels.

Aesthetics are key to a great finish; the AliRail System is designed for attractive and striking visual presentation.

Colour Options
The AliRail System is available in our full range of Qualicoat powder-coat colours.

The AliRail System is designed with the option for LED lighting in the handrail, with a range of light colour options, including RGB.

All AliRail System components are compatible with the AliDeck and AliClad Systems.

The AliRail System is constructed completely from 100% aluminium (6063 T6 grade), up to 30% of which has been recycled to make these products eco-friendly and much better for the environment.

Due to the fact that AliRail is aluminium and finished using the 5 stage Qualicoat system, little or no maintenance is required. General grime can be removed simply with a damp, lint free cloth or mop with warm soapy water.

Protective Finish
AliRail is coloured using the Qualicoat powder coating finish. Qualicoat is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications.

AliRail is supplied with a 30 year warranty against splitting, cracking, warping, splintering, rotting, twisting and material or manufacturing defects. It has a minimum 60 year life expectancy.

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AliRail Downloads

AliRail Data Sheet

AliRail Data Sheet

AliRail Data Sheet

AliRail Juliet Balconette System Inner Mounted

AliRail Juliet Balconette System Outer Mounted

AliRail Aluminium Infills Standard Drawings

Aluminium Infill

AliRail System With Glass Infills Standard Drawings

Glass Infill

AliRail With Spindle Infills Standard Drawings

Spindles Infill

AliRail With 3D Infill Panels Standard Drawings

3D Twin-Skin Infill

AliRail Installation Guide Aluminium Infills

Aluminium Infill

AliRail Installation Guide 3D Infill

3D Twin-Skin Infill

AliRail With Glass Infills

Glass Infill

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